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Co-founder, CTOAM and Liquid Biopsy Labs

Alexander Rolland is a globally recognized Precision Cancer Medicine specialist, leading the way in bringing the newest medical advancements in cancer care directly to patients and their doctors on the front lines.

The Cancer Guy
Liquid Biopsy Labs
Liquid Biopsy Labs

About Alex

Alex Rolland

He has developed highly successful treatment plans for oncologists and patients at leading cancer centres around the world, including: the Mayo Clinic (USA), Johns Hopkins (USA), MD Anderson (USA), BC Cancer Agency (BC, Canada), Princess Margaret Hospital (ON, Canada), the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Canada), to just name a few – as well as hospitals throughout the world, including England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Finland, China, Taiwan, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, and more.

Alex is co-founder and Director of Scientific Research of Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) and Liquid Biopsy Labs. He completed his PhD coursework in Medical Genetics (ABD) at the University of British Columbia while working at the renowned Terry Fox Laboratory in Vancouver at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. He also holds a BSc in Molecular/Cell Biology from the University of Victoria.

With nearly two decades of experience researching, consulting, and advocating for cancer patients, Alex also works directly with the medical system to explore the newest optimal treatments for his clients. He's an expert in discovering how to optimize your cancer treatment, and making this a reality for you.

Alex is committed to ensuring that anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis has access to the most effective, and least invasive, form of treatment possible.

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  • The Cancer Guy YouTube Channel
    The Cancer Guy

    Watch hundreds of free educational videos about precision cancer medicine and the newest advancements in evidence-based medical science and cancer care.


    CTOAM is a personalized research consulting and advocacy service specializing in precision cancer medicine, serving patients and doctors worldwide. Our interdisciplinary team helps cancer patients and their treatment teams to access the newest, leading-edge precision diagnostics and treatments.

  • Liquid Biopsy Labs

    Liquid Biopsy Labs specializes in blood-based genetic testing for early cancer detection, personalized treatment options, and the most accurate treatment monitoring. Alex Rolland has designed a liquid biopsy ctDNA that can be used for both discovery and treatment monitoring; and a liquid RNA expression test that can identify the expression rate in cancer-related genes. Liquid Biopsy Labs serves individual patients and their treatment teams as well as labs worldwide.

  • Liquid Biopsy Labs

    The first ever online Precision Cancer Medicine Self-Advocacy Training Program is an easy-to-understand program that covers the most important elements that you need to know in order to ensure you're getting the very best cancer care.


Consultations with cancer patients and loved ones

Find out what the most effective treatment is for your cancer, and how to access it as soon as possible – all while working with your current doctor and without needing to travel. This one-on-one consultation will give you a personalized, step-by-step plan so you have the very best chance of beating cancer, fast.

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Alex Rolland

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Liquid Biopsy Labs

Blood-based genetic testing for early cancer detection, personalized treatment options, and the most accurate treatment monitoring.

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