Our Guarantee

Keep your medical records confidential

All treatment options recommended by CTOAM are guaranteed to have demonstrated clinical outcomes superior to standard cancer treatment. We attach peer-reviewed references with proof of these superior outcomes to every report we share with patients and their oncologist or primary care physician.

As a private company, we act independently:

  • We are driven solely by evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical science.
  • CTOAM is not directly affiliated with any treatment facility or nutritional supplement creator.
  • Our precision oncology specialists guarantee that any test, treatment, or nutraceutical (supplement) we recommend is demonstrated – by the most up-to-date medical science – to be most beneficial to you.
  • We submit the documentation to prove this to your oncologist, insurance company, and anyone else involved in your treatment.

Along with our network of partners and health providers, CTOAM is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality research and treatment options available. Our research and treatment recommendations are based on the latest advancements in medical science: CTOAM recommends targeted therapies that are demonstrated, by the newest scientific research, to be most effective for your unique form of cancer.

All of the information that CTOAM’s Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists provide in your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan (PCTOP) is based on current scientific and peer-reviewed studies – the most solid scientific data out there. Your PCTOP includes references and appropriate documentation for all sources and data.

Cancer in the News

Canadian Privacy Laws: Medical Records are Completely Confidential

A cancer diagnosis often leads to invasive questions and even more invasive procedures. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of privacy, while undergoing certain treatment protocols.

Countries like the United States have loose privacy laws that often result in your personal medical information being shared with others – such as your doctor and insurance company – even if you don’t permit or want it.

One of the biggest advantages of working with CTOAM, a Canadian-based company, is that you are protected under Canadian privacy laws. These are some of the best privacy laws in the world, and they ensure that your medical records remain confidential, unless you specify otherwise.

  • CTOAM keeps your medical records and treatment choices entirely confidential.
  • CTOAM does not share your contact information with any agencies or database services (unless you specifically ask us to).
  • CTOAM will only consult with your health care team, family members, and other care providers, after we have your written permission to do so.

For more information about CTOAM’s confidentiality policy, please read our confidentiality form. You’ll receive this form when you hire CTOAM to create a Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan (PCTOP) for you, or to advocate or consult on your behalf.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us today.